A photo of four people in the community garden of aequa community centre in Berlin - a space for coworking and community events.

Through our work at the aequa community centre in Wedding, Berlin and our online events, we’ve built a community of hundreds in Berlin and beyond and supported dozens of projects and organisations.

We are a grassroots organisation with little to no external funding. Our community supporters make all of our work for solidarity, social equity and mutual support possible.

All aequa supporters have access to our Equity Library at the community centre. ­čôÜ

Become an aequa supporter

Three fluffy guinea pigs eating from the same plant

1. Support us on Patreon

Patreon offers a way to give a regular donation to aequa and is one of our main sources of income while we struggle through the Covid-19 pandemic and its effects on our space. We’re always grateful for one off donations as well and are currently setting up a new crowdfunding campaign.

A yellow rectangle with blob figures outlined in orange. There is an orange rectangle with text that reads "aequa working groups"

2. Volunteer Working groups

Are you interested in collaborating with us and have some time to give?

Our working groups are an essential part of how we survive as a grassroots organisation and cover everything from maintaining aequa community centre, to fundraising, to social media. 

We also intend for them to be a place of connection, mutual support and learning.

The main coworking space at aequa Community Centre in Berlin. aequa CC also hosts community events in this space

3. Cowork with us

Coworking is one of the other main ways that we pay our rent, fund our community events, mutual support groups and education programmes.