Looking for a Corona-conscious, cosy space to work outside your home? Join us for our private community coworking aequa CC.

Coworking is one of the main ways that we pay our rent, fund our community events, peer support groups and education programmes. By coworking with us, you are directly supporting this work. Thank you!

Please note: the Community Centre will be closed for holidays from the 21st of December to the 1st of January

Apply to cowork at aequa CC with this form:

What do you mean by Corona-conscious?

  • Limited number of people in the space per day, so each person gets 10 square meters and their own table each day
  • Limit one person per table
  • Great ventilation thanks to front-and-back windows and ventilators on each floor, regular ventilation of the space by opening both doors on a schedule each day
  • Regular disinfecting of shared surfaces
  • Obligation to wear a mask anytime you are not sitting

How much?

Passes have three prices: Discount for those with more limited funds, for example students those with lower income. Standard. And Solidarity for those with more funds who want to make it possible for others to pay less.

Monthly pass
Access to the shared space Mon-Fri, 10am-6pm
80 € + VAT
95,20 € total
100 € + VAT
119,00 € total
150 € + VAT
178,50 € total
Coffee & Tea Flatrate
Drink as much coffee and tea as you like in one month!
30 €35 €40 €
Coffee, Tea, Cold Drinks and Printing/Copying
Available for purpose on a per-item basis

What’s included?

  • Chance to share space with and get to know folks with similar values
  • High-speed internet wifi that reaches throughout the space, including our peaceful courtyard garden, downstairs lounge and sunny front porch
  • Free-to-use telephone rooms to take your calls in peace
  • Access to a full kitchen including stove, fridge, microwave, etc.
  • Big beautiful front windows and lots of plants
  • Discounted rentals of the space for personal events (when allowed post-lockdown)
  • Regular events schedule to get to know and connect to other community members
  • Unlimited use of the scanner. Prints and copies pay per page.
  • Membership in the aequa Library