Looking for a cosy space with enough social distance to work outside your home? Join us at the coworking café at aequa CC.

Our coworking system is one of the main ways that we fund our community events, peer support groups and education programmes. By coworking with us, you are directly supporting this work. Thank you!


Mon–Fri: 9am–7pm
Saturday: 11am–7pm

How does it work?

  • When you cowork at aequa, you can check in and pay 0.06€ per minute or you can buy a day or month pass for unlimited access to our cosy coworking space (during opening hours.)
  • Passes have three prices: Discount for those with more limited funds. Standard. And Solidarity for those with more funds who want to make it possible for others to pay less.

What do I get with my check-in?

  • Unlimited tea, coffee drinks (iced and hot), water and juices
  • Snack mix (nuts and nibbles) and cake-of-the-day
  • Wifi that reaches from our peaceful courtyard garden, throughout the cosy co-working café and out to our sunny front porch. 
  • Free-to-use telephone rooms to take your calls in peace

How much?

CHECK-IN PRICINGDiscountStandardSolidarity
Pay 0.06 € per minute (that’s 3.60 € per hour)
Day Pass
Good if you stay more than 4 hours
10 €15 €20 €
Monthly pass
Good if you come more often than 10 days/month
100 €150 €200 €