Four photos of the coworking and community spaces at aequa Community Centre, Berlin

aequa coworking at Exerzierstr. 14, Wedding, Berlin

aequa coworking is a space for connection and community: a place for like-minded people to be together in our cosy community centre working on their own projects or getting more involved in aequa. It is one of the main ways that we pay our rent, fund our community events, mutual support groups and education programmes. By coworking with us, you are directly supporting this work. Thank you!

We also provide the option to register your business with us. Registered business / mail address service is offered on a sliding scale €15-25/month incl. VAT and is available to both coworkers and non-coworkers. Full details below

All coworkers are aequa supporters and get access to our Equity Library 📚
Read more about our supporter programme here.

Our coworking spaces are 2G+ (until further notice) – please test before coming. More here.

Who is our coworking for?

aequa is a community space focused on social equity. We are committed to anti-oppression and centring people who might not have access to these kinds of coworking resources due to the many barriers in our society (for example people who are BIPoC, trans, queer, disabled, chronically-ill, working-class, neurodivergent etc.) These groups are prioritised and allies and accomplices are then welcome if there is room available.

Please get acquainted with our Mutual Respect policy before you fill in the form below. Once you’ve filled in the form, we’ll get back to you as soon as possible.

You can find more information about our coworking spaces, including access information here

Corona-conscious co-working

  • Limited number of people in the space per day
  • Great ventilation thanks to front-and-back windows and ventilators on each floor, regular ventilation of the space by opening both doors on a schedule each day
  • Regular disinfecting of shared surfaces
  • Obligation to wear a mask anytime you are not sitting
  • Please get a rapid antigen test before coming in.
  • We keep self-tests in stock and are happy to pass them on at cost

For more details see our Corona guidelines here

Solidarity pricing

We want to make our coworking passes as accessible as possible. We have three price tiers named after some of our community centre plant friends.

What price should you choose? We know that money is a complex subject. One person might not be bringing in much money but have rich parents and a good safety net. Another might be doing okay in general, but might struggle to pay rent this month. We invite you to think about what you have available and choose the price that fits your situation. If you can pay more, it will support those who can’t, to access our coworking. If you can’t pay as much, you don’t have to. We will never ask for financial information from you either way.

🪴 Cheeseplant. For those with more limited funds.

for example, you can never or rarely afford to order food from a restaurant.

🪴 Aloe Vera. Our standard price.

for example, you can afford to order food from a restaurant a few times a month.

🪴 Spider lily. For those with more funds who want to make it possible for others to pay less.

For example, you don’t have to consider how often you can afford to order from a restaurant.

What’s included?

  • Chance to share space with, and get to know, folks with similar values
  • High-speed internet wifi that reaches throughout the space, including our peaceful courtyard garden, downstairs lounge and sunny front porch
  • Free-to-use telephone rooms to take your calls in peace
  • Access to a full kitchen including stove, fridge, microwave, etc.
  • Big beautiful front windows and lots of plants
  • Discounted rentals of the space for personal events (when allowed post-lockdown)
  • Regular events schedule to get to know and connect to other community members
  • Unlimited use of the scanner. Prints and copies pay per page.
  • Tea!
  • Membership of the aequa Library

If you would like to know more about coworking with us, please email us at

Registered Address

We also provide the option to register your business with us. Registered business / mail address service is offered on a sliding scale €15-25/month incl. VAT and is available to both coworkers and non-coworkers.

The service includes:

  • Your name or company name on our mailbox
  • You can use our address as your registered business address with the German authorities
  • You can pick up your mail during our opening hours (no extra costs)


  • We send you your mail once a week (extra costs for stamps and packaging)

If you would like to know more about registering your business address with us, please email us at