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Are you interested in collaborating with us and have some time to give? Or are you looking to give and receive mutual support? Then you’re in the right place!

Volunteer working-groups

What are aequa working groups?

Our working groups are an essential part of how we survive as a grassroots organisation. We also intend for them to be a place of connection, mutual support and learning.

These volunteer-led groups cover everything from maintaining aequa community centre, to fundraising, to social media. Some groups meet regularly and run themselves autonomously, (e.g. the Space Managers working group) and some are more project-based for picking up tasks when an aequa project needs them (e.g. the Design working group). Different groups are open to new members at different times.

Why might I join an aequa working group?

Our working groups are a great way to get involved in aequa and they make our work towards mutual support, solidarity and social equity possible. We do this work both through our own events and initiatives and by hosting and supporting projects online and at our community centre. We regularly support organisations for – for example – sex work mutual aid, migrant justice, trans prisoner solidarity and queer liberation. Our working groups and the commitment of our community make all this possible.

How do I join an aequa working group?

Feel free to drop us a message at hello (at) aequa (dot) cc or through the contact form and we’ll be happy to let you know more about how to get involved with a working group.

Our current working groups include:


A project based group to manage communications to those inside and outside the aequa community, for example newsletters, our slack space and website copy.

Social media

A working group that meets regularly to create and manage social media content


A project based group designing beautiful images for aequa projects and communication


A working group raising money to fund aequa’s work and projects.

Space angels / space management

Two working groups running and managing aequa Community Centre in Wedding and our coworking programme

Transformative justice

A new working group meeting regularly to establish a conflict resolution framework for the aequa community while empowering community members to transform punitive culture within and outside the organisation. (not currently open for new members)

Mutual Support Groups

Through the beautiful work of the working groups above this year, aequa has been able to expand the work we do within our community, particularly through peer support groups, solidarity reading groups and mutual support on our slack channel. Click on the links below to find out more or check out our events page here.

Critical Masculinity Reading Group

A reading group group reflecting on the social construction of masculinity

Join the group here

Design Peer Support Group

A peer support group for designers

More info here and a sign up here

Equity Reading Circle

A reading, discussion and action group focused on readings about or related to intersectional feminism, equality/equity, diversity, inclusion, and/or readings from authors from minority, marginalised or underrepresented groups.

Email hello (at) aequa (dot) cc to be added to list

Freelancer Peer Support Group

A peer support group for freelancers and entrepreneurs

Sign up here

Neurodivergent Peer Support Group

A peer support group for folks with neurodivergent experiences (for example autism, ADHD, OCD) to come together for mutual support.

Sign up here