Looking to learn and grow as an individual, team, or organisation? We can help.

We are a collective of experienced facilitators with a diverse range of backgrounds, identities, experiences, and expertise. While we each have individual specialities, we share a vision of an equitable society in which every person can thrive. 

We use human-centered design to place people’s needs at the core of every step of the problem-solving process. We can guide you through exploring your individual potential as well as your collective power, whether as a team, a company or a community. We strive to create authentic opportunities for learning, growth, collaboration, and development. Our learning spaces are interactive and dynamic, where honest reflection and conversations lead to the co-creation of knowledge

We value equitable and inclusive facilitation practices. To begin, this means honestly acknowledging the social, political and economic structural systems that typically diminish voices from those with oppressed identities. To avoid replicating these structures, we deliberately create safer spaces where the voices, experiences, and viewpoints of marginalised voices can be amplified. 

We offer trainings and workshops with the following specialisations:

  • inclusion and empathy
  • communication
  • self-management
  • purpose- and values-finding (individual, organisational)
  • leadership and teamwork
  • learning and development

Unsure of precisely what you or your team needs? We also offer consultations to design a training or workshop to fit your unique needs. 

The majority of our workshops are offered in English. Depending on the topic, we can potentially offer our services in other languages such as Spanish and German.

We look forward to working with you!