a community for social equity

We are a community of people who share a vision of an equitable society in which every person can thrive.



We’re staying up to date with coronavirus restrictions and precautions. Find a full guide here.

The community centre is open again for coworking!



Conversation-based learning

Want to learn more about topics like social equity, inclusion, purpose-finding, interpersonal communication or equitable organising? Our collective of experienced facilitators is here for both individuals and organisations.

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Co-creating an equitable future

Together, we explore both our individual potential and our collective power. From quick online support to long-term collaborative projects, there are many different ways to get involved.

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Coworking space

Are you looking for a quiet space to focus and work? Do you want to contribute to a community effort? We have socially distanced coworking spaces for rent.

Corona-conscious coworking


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Here are a few of the events coming up in the next weeks. To see our full event calendar, click here.